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Dr.Sci. Volodymyr M. SYDORETS,

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
11, Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine

Tel: (380 44) 271-2349
Fax: (380 44) 268-0486


V.M. Sydorets was born on July 22, 1956 in Kiev. He received his B.S. degree from the Physics Faculty of the Kiev State University in 1978. He has been working at the Paton Welding Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1980. Currently, he is leading research stuff of the Department of Gas Discharge Physics and Plasma Devices. He received his Candidate of Technical Sciences degree (PhD) in 1992 (Thesis "Generalized Mathematical Model of the Dynamical Arc and Its Applications"). He received his Doctor of Technical Sciences degree (Dr. Sci.) in 2009 (Thesis "Chaotic Dynamics of Electric Circuits with Arc"). He has published over 84 scientific papers, including foreign patents. The papers are mainly devoted to simulation of electric arc, nonlinear electric circuits with arc, and its stability, periodic and chaotic oscillations which occur in these circuits. Area of interests: simulation of electric arc, chaos in nonlinear electric circuits with arc, techniques for nonlinear circuit research.

Research & Development Activity:

  • The model of dynamical electric arc was developed. This model describes the steady-state and dynamical properties of arc and allows simulating the arc as the part of electric circuits. It can describe the arc applied for welding: argon arc, CO2 arc, plasma arc, arc moving in magnetic field, etc.
  • Existence of periodic and chaotic oscillations in electric circuits with arc was proved. Its properties were been studied by methods of bifurcation theory, quality theory of ordinary differential equations, catastrophe theory.
  • The methods and techniques for investigation of nonlinear systems was developed including: Numerical solving of differential equations with displaying on phase space; Finding the periodic solutions of differential equations (stable and/or unstable); Calculation of multiplicators of periodic trajectories; Obtaining the Poincar? section of strange attractors; Construction of bifurcation diagram; Construction of iteration maps; Construction of bifurcation curves in parameter's plane.

Selected Publications:

  • < I.V.Pentegov, V.N.Sidorets "Power Parameters in Mathematical Model of Dynamical Welding Arc", Avtomaticheskfja Svarka, no.11, p.36-40, 1988 (In Russian)
  • I.V.Pentegov, V.N.Sidorets "Comparising Analysis of Mathematical Models of Dynamical Welding Arc", Avtomaticheskfja Svarka, no.2, p.33-36, 1989 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Bifurcation Processes in RC-circuits with Electric Arc", Technicheskaja Electrodynamica, no.2, p.29-35, 1989 (In Russian)
  • I.V.Pentegov, V.N.Sidorets "Quasistatical and Dynamical Volt Ampere Characteristics and Time Constant of Blowing and Moving Welding Arc", Avtomaticheskfja Svarka, no.5, p.38-41, 1991 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Simulator of Welding Arc for Determination of Power Source Properties Applied to Arc Welding", Avtomaticheskfja Svarka, no.7, p.15-18, 1991 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Chaotic Oscillations in RLC-circuit with Arc", Doklady Academii Nauk Ukrainy, no.10, p.87-90, 1992 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Arising and Structure of Strange Attractor in RLC-circuit with Arc", Technicheskaja Electrodynamica, no.2, p.28-32, 1993 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Scenarios of Development of Deterministic Chaos in Electrical Circuit with Arc", Ukrainian Journal of Physics, v.39, no.11-12, p.1080-1083, 1994
  • V.N.Sidorets "Patterns of Bifurcation Diagram of Electrical Circuit with Arc", Technicheskaja Electrodynamica, no.6, p.22-27, 1998 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets "Multi-shooting Method for Investigation of the Bifurcation of Dynamical Systems", Electronnoe modelirovanie v.28, no.4, p.3-13, 2006 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets "Periodic Solution Structures in Nonlinear Circuit with the Electric Arc", Technicheskaya Electrodynamika, Thematic Issue "Problems of The Modern Electrical Engineering" part.6, p.16-19, 2008 (In Russian)
  • I.Pentegov, V.Sidorets "The Interval Dimension of Point Sets of the Poincar? Sections" Doklady Academii Nauk Ukrainy, no.5, p.33-35, 1994
  • V.N.Sidorets "Peculiarities of the Eigenvalues Analysis of the Mathematical Models of Nonlinear Electrical Circuits", Electronnoe modelirovanie v.20, no.5, p.60-71, 2000 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets "Nonlinear Circuits with the Electric Arc: Periodic and Chaotic Oscillations", Technicheskaya Electrodynamika, Thematic Issue "Problems of The Modern Electrical Engineering" part.6, p.7-12, 2000 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, I.V.Pentegov "Paradigm of Deterministic Chaos in Switching Electrical Circuits", Technicheskaya Electrodynamika, Thematic Issue "Problems of The Modern Electrical Engineering" part.6, p.3-8, 2002 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, A.M.Zhernosekov "Numerical Simulation of the System Power Source - Arc with Consumable Electrode", Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.12, p.10-16, 2004 (In Russian)
  • V.N.Sidorets, A.M.Zhernosekov "Computer Simulation of the Pulsed-Arc Systems", Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.1, p.49-52, 2007 (In Russian)
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