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Professor A.G. Sitenko passed away

Dear friends and colleagues in the Physics Community,

Professor Alexej G. Sitenko (Olexij H. Sytenko),
a great physicist, passed away Monday evening, February 11, 2002,
one day before his 75th anniversary.


Professor Sitenko has contributed to both plasma physics and nuclear theory. His pioneer papers in kinetic plasma theory and theoretical nuclear physics are known all over the world. His results concerning the dielectric permittivity tensor for a plasma with external magnetic field, combination scattering of waves by plasma fluctuations, theory of electromagnetic fluctuations in plasmas belong to the fundamental basis of physics that is often being mentioned in literature without reference to the author, as a matter of common knowledge. His diffraction approach to the theory of nuclear processes is known as Sitenko-Glauber method. His extension of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem to nonequilibrium systems, renormalized theory of nonequilibrium and turbulent plasmas, latest research in the kinetic theory of dusty plasmas are of major importance both for theoretical and applied physics.

Professor Sitenko was the founder and organiser of international conferences on plasma physics. After the two meetings in Kiev (1971 and 1974), they were held in other countries, under the name of Kiev Conferences on Plasma Theory, and later joined with the International Congresses on Waves and Instabilities in Plasmas. Now these Conferences are being held within the framework of the International Conferences on Plasma Physics (ICPP). ....

He was active until the last day -- continued his research work, headed the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, gave lecture courses in Kiev University, supervised students and postgraduates, took part in scientific discussions.

God bless his soul.

The memorial service was held on Thursday February 14, 2002, for information please contact the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics. Condolences can be sent to the Institute.

Mail address: Metrolohichna Str. 14b, 03143 Kiev, Ukraine

tel: (380 44) 266 91 23
fax (380 44) 266 59 98

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