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LITOVKO Irina Valentinovna

Institute of Nuclear Research
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
pr. Nauki, 46 , Kiev 03039, Ukraine

Tel/Fax: (38-044) 265-78-24


Irina V. Litovko received the B.S. degree in theoretical physics from the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, in 1986.
Since 1986 she has worked at the Institute of Nuclear Research of NASU. Her areas of interest include nonlinear phenomena, numerical calculations and computer simulations in plasma physics. She has published about 40 papers on the physics of surfaces, expert system, ion-beam plasma systems, plasma optics and others.

Representative Publications

  • I. Litovko,  A. Goncharov, "Electron Vortex Structure in High-Current Plasma Lens". XXIV International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Warsaw, Poland july 11-16, 1999, Vol.IV, pp.173-174.
  • I. Litovko, A. Goncharov "Evolution of Electron Vortex Structures in High-Current Plasma Lens", International Symposium Plasma'99 ĞResearch and Applications of Plasmağ, Warsaw, July 7-9, 1999, J.Tech.Phys., 40,1, pp.57-60, 1999.
  • Alexey A.Goncharov,  Sergey M. Gubarev , Andrey N. Dobrovoskii, Ivan .M. Protsenko, Irina V. Litovko and Ian G. Brown, "Moderate Energy Metal Ion Beam Focusing by a High-Current Plasma Lens". IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., Vol.27, no.4, pp.1068-1072, 1999
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