S. Gubarev, photo(4 K)

GUBAREV Sergey Nikolayevich

Institute of Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
pr. Nauki, 46 , Kiev 03039 , Ukraine

Tel/Fax: (38-044) 265-78-24

Post Graduate Student


Sergey N. Gubarev was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, on July 5, 1974. He received the M.S. degree in electronics technique from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, in 1997. He has been a postgraduate student since October 1997 in the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. His areas of interest include high-current plasma lenses.

Representative Publication

  • Alexey A.Goncharov,  Sergey M. Gubarev , Andrey N. Dobrovoskii, Ivan .M. Protsenko, Irina V. Litovko and Ian G. Brown, "Moderate Energy Metal Ion Beam Focusing by a High-Current Plasma Lens". IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., Vol.27, no.4, pp.1068-1072, 1999
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