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Prof. V.I. Gerasimenko, photo (3 KB)

Prof. Victor I. Gerasimenko

National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Mathematics
3 Tereshchenkivs'ka St.,
01601, MSP, Kiev-4, Ukraine

Tel: (380 44) 224-4564
Fax: (380 44) 235-2010


Born January 26 1954; 1976 -B.S. degree from Physics Faculty of the Kyiv National University;
1976 - 1978 - post-graduate courses of the Kyiv National University;
1978-1986 - research engineer, Junior Scientific Researcher, Senior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyiv;
1986-1991 - Senior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv;
1991-Pres. - Professor, Leading Scientific Researcher, Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv.
1981 -Ph.D., 1991 - Professor, Dr.Sci.


2001- State Prize of the Ukraine.

Area of expertise:

  • Statistical mechanics and quantum field theory;
  • Infinite particle evolution equations;
  • Kinetic and hydrodynamic equations.

Research and Development Activity:

  • Evolution of infinite particle systems;
  • Methods of the construction of solutions to the BBGKY hierarchy of the infinite particle systems;
  • The mathematical justification to the derivation of kinetic and hydrodynamic equations from the dynamics of many-particle systems of various nature: plasma like and condensed media (metals, semiconductors, granular materials);
  • Inverse osmotic processes in the inhomogeneous systems of charged particles;
  • Dynamics of quantum-classical systems.

Selected Publications:

  • Many-particle dynamics and kinetic equations, Dordrecht: Kluwer Akad. Publ., 1997, 252 p. (with C.Cercignani, D.Petrina).
  • Mathematical foundations of classical statistical mechanics, (with D.Petrina and P.Malyshev), Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1985, 264 p.
    second edition: N.Y.: Gordon and Breach Sci. Publ., 1989, 356 p.
    third edition: London: Taylor & Francis , 2002, 352 p.
  • Mathematical problems of the statistical mechanics of a hard sphere system. Russ. Math. Surv. (Uspekhy Math. Nauk), v.45., No.3, 1990, pp.135-182 (with D.Petrina).
  • A mathematical description of the evolution of the states of infinite systems of classical statistical mechanics , Russ. Math. Surv.(Uspekhy Math. Nauk), v.38, No.5, 1983, pp.3-58
  • Uncorrelated equations of motion of the quantum-classical systems. Reports of Acad. Sci. Ukrainian SSR, No.10, pp.65 - 68, 1981.

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